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Manna Ministry is located in Raleigh, North Carolina- well…in Wendell, one of the many towns sourrounding Raleigh, in the country area of Johnston County.

Being so specific about Raleigh, North Carolina, is for the reason that,it was made known by The Holy Spirit to many in the early 1970’s through the 1980’s that the next great move of God was going to arise from Raleigh.

In fact, a famous minister of the gospel, a well known Bible teacher, moved his ministry lock, stock and barrell in the early 1990’s from where he was to Raleigh in anticipation of that great move of God, thinking his was the ministry of which God was speaking. Of course, that was not the case, and when he saw that, he moved on. Others have thought to be the ones, but the gospel shoes did not fit and so, they, too, sought other pastures and flocks.

If Manna Ministry is the called and prepared for this task, then let God prove it. You will be surprised to find it to be so, and true to the purpose for which Manna Ministry is raised up.  And, if this is so, YOU TOO, have a part of it and to play in it!  That is, assuming you are called to it, and want to have a part in it, if you are teachable, which means, humble, and if you are obedient.

The next great move of God is that move of Jesus, The Administrator of His Church, from His Grand Operation the past two thousand years as a Farmer, tending to and preparing His fields, to that of a Builder, laying The Foundation for the Unity of The Faith for His Temple, The Body of Christ. Proverbs24:27-

“Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house.”

No matter what your teaching on this subject in the past, and there are several very excellent good ones on the basics, know this, you don’t know what The Foundation in reality is, nor how it is that Jesus Administers The Foundation for His purposes.

You cannot bring your own agenda to this move of God.  It does not work that way.  Neither can you bring your “church tradition”.  Your “church tradition” will not fit this program.

No matter who you are, or think you are as a Christian, or for that matter, as a Christian Church, you are at this moment, without what is taught here in this Bible Foundation, and, without the laying of this Bible Foundation, you are not seen and accepted by The GodHead as qualified to be “mature”, what the Bible calls “perfect”.  Do not deceive yourself in pride.  Accept the fact that in this matter you are a baby, and what you learn here and apply here will make you acceptable by The Seven Spirits of God for their sealing of you that you may then attain the Permit Of God to then “go on to maturity”.

But do come, as a little child, submitted to The Holy Spirit to teach you.  As you do as He tells you what to do from The Word, and you obey Him, you will get what God promises you in The Word.

The Foundation, as taught and laid by The Holy Spirit of God, is the absolute, no compromise, non-negotiable seven doctrines of Hebrews 6:1-3.  This move of God connects the Seven Foundation Doctrines to The Seven Spirits of The Holy Spirit of God as their Originators and Teachers.

Also, this move of God connects the Seven Churches of The Revelation of Jesus Christ to the nine epistles of Paul to the Seven Churches to whom they are addressed.

It is on the basis of this specific Foundation as laid by The Seven Spirits of God on which, and in which, we are sealed and established- Founded.  It is on the basis of these Seven Doctrines as administered by The Holy Spirit, The Seven Spirits of God, that is derived our Unity in the Faith.

Remember, the fire is our testing for our grading as to the integrity and soundness of our Foundation.  

This FREE eBook that explains this Manna Ministry is yours here:  The Temple Builder’s Guide for a Sure Foundation by Kenneth Alson Davis  

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